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Open Innovation 2014

We would like to invite you to 3rd annual Open Innovation Conference held by Shannon ABC. This year’s event, Open Innovation 2014 will be held on Tuesday, April 15th. The Conference will bring together leaders in Industry with the world class research and development scientists operating in Ireland. The Conference will focus on Biotechnology and Life Sciences, with presentations on industry collaborations with academia, and how this has driven innovation and provided added value for companies. Joint presentations from Industry/Academic partners are encouraged.

This year we will also be providing case studies and information about how companies can engage in licensing arrangements with third level colleges, the resources available there and what to expect. In addition poster presentations at Open Innovation 2014 will be presented as ‘Potential Technology Offerings’ rather than in the standard format.

Open innovation is a concept that assumes that firms can and should use external (as well as internal) ideas and paths to market, as the firms look to advance their technology. In recent times third level colleges have increased their level of engagement with industry, providing access to technology, knowledge, equipment and resources. This conference will provide a compelling representation of a commercially focussed, open access third level system proactively engaging with industry.