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Sensory Analysis Service

The Company

Garrett’s is a well established butchers with two shops in Limerick city. The produce is handmade and of high quality using naturally raised meats winning the Bridgestone award five times from 2007-2011

The Question

The client wished to raise the bar in speciality butchering to give the customer a greater choice in traditional cuts through developing new and innovative products.

Solution through Shannon ABC

The sensory evaluation service tested 35 of Garrett’s Butchers’ products for acceptability and rated each product from 1 'most liked' to 35 'most disliked'. A detailed assessment on suggested areas for improvement was also provided for each product. Cooking and packaging recommendations for new products were delivered by our trained chef. This is a rigorous research method that measures product taste, aroma, texture, flavour, appearance and cooking /packaging requirements.

As a result of the sensory work the client now has a list of 'preferred' products on which to proceed with innovative development. This is an integral part of product modification and ensures the focus is on key product lines. In the case of Garrett’s Butchers, the research ensured the products that were highly rated could face the competition with confidence and that its products were formulated in line with Irish consumer palates.


‘The research allowed us to test new product ideas to ensure that only those products with proven potential are developed. Developing the wrong products can be expensive and a challenge for many producers. Access to a trained sensory panel ensured a consumer perspective to minimise risk and guide us on our innovative pathway.’ Garrett Landers, Owner.