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Use of Laboratory Facilities

The Company

Stryker Corporation was founded in 1941 by Dr. Homer Stryker. Today, Stryker Corporation, has grown to be a global leader in the medical technology industry with a market capitalization of >$20 billion and over 16,000 employees worldwide. Currently there are nine divisions within the corporation namely: Orthopaedics, Neurovascular, Craniomaxiliofacial (CMF), Endoscopy, Imaging, Instruments, Medical/ Surgical, Osteosynthesis, Spine. In Ireland, Stryker currently employs almost 2000 people across four sites in Cork and Limerick.

The Question

Stryker, like many technology companies, is increasingly engaging in outsourcing in order to gain access to various capabilities to boost innovation and reduce financial outlay, particularly in the early stages of technology development. In order to investigate "proof of concept" during development of novel technologies, Stryker wished to use specific pieces of analytical equipment based at the Shannon ABC laboratories.

Solution through Shannon ABC

The attraction for Stryker of the Shannon ABC facility was the availability of a broad range of analytical equipment and experienced staff and the proximity to the Stryker Limerick facility. In order to maintain best practice in terms of confidentiality, it was requested that one of Stryker's scientific technicians be based in the Shannon ABC laboratories in order to perform the analysis on the specified pieces of equipment. This is a relatively standard request from an industry where technical progress is key to maintenance of competitiveness and product superiority. Shannon ABC provided laboratory space and a supportive environment where Stryker could be confident that samples being analysed were done so in a confidential and scientifically valid manner. As part of the service offering, Shannon ABC staff were available to provide method development support where necessary. The provision of analytical services, together with Shannon ABC's on-hand technical expertise, enabled Stryker to complete all sample analysis in a timely and cost effective manner.


"During the development phase of any novel technologies, the start-up costs for high-tech equipment can be quite prohibitive. The range of top end analytical equipment available at Shannon ABC and it's proximity to the Stryker Limerick facility, made this the ideal solution. We have been able to carry out the necessary "proof of concept" work to enable development of a new platform technology which will deliver results for the company. In the past we have had to travel abroad for such services and it is a real benefit to the mid-west region & Ireland to have this facility on our doorstep. In addition, the staff of Shannon ABC have been extremely accommodating and strong links have been formed with the facility that will ensure that Stryker will continue to utilise the services again in the future."

Dr. Hilda Mulvihill, Project Manager
Advanced Operations