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KBBE.2010.3.2-01: Project title: Sustainable production of Biologically Active Molecules of Marine Based Origin (BAMMBO )
This project is being delivered by researchers in LIT. The co-ordination team consists of Dr Siobhan Moane, Dr Daniel Walsh and Dr Patrick Murray and are supported in administrative capability by Ms Kathleen Leamy. The background and expertise of the co-ordination team, as well as the capabilities of Shannon ABC were key to FP7 funding being awarded. The commercial skills of Shannon ABC, together with a track record in bioactive molecules will provide unique guidance for the BAMMBO project. The BAMMBO project is worth €4.2 million and will investigate marine organisms as a source for bioactive molecules. The BAMMBO consortium is made up of a multidisciplinary consortium of specialist research Scientists and SME industrial partners, consisting of 8 RTD performers and 2 SMEs. The partners encompass a range of countries including France, Ireland, Russia, Italy, Spain, Brazil, Portugal and Belgium.
BAMMBO will provide innovative solutions to overcome existing bottle-necks associated with culturing marine organisms in order to sustainably produce high yields of value-added products for the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and industrial sectors. BAMMBO will screen and identify target marine organisms (e.g. bacteria, fungi, sponges, microalgae, macroalgae and yeasts) from diverse global locations for potential as sustainable producers of high-added value molecules (HVAB's). The project will apply analytical methods for the extraction, purification and enrichment of targeted bioactive compounds. A detailed life cycle analysis of the production pathways developed in the project will be undertaken to fully evaluate the sustainability of production of biologically active products from marine organisms. BAMMBO will exploit knowledge and technologies developed during the project and effectively manage their transfer to relevant stakeholders in industry and the research community, as well as to policy-makers.

As well as leading the project management and scientific co-ordination of the project, Shannon ABC are also leading two further work packages - Extraction and Purification (WP4) and Dissemination (WP8). Receipt of this European funding has resulted in the recruitment of two postdoctoral scientists to Shannon ABC - Dr Tanya Beletskaya and Dr Catherine Collins. Their extensive experience in the areas-of molecular biology, microbiology and biochemistry will further enhance the scientific capabilities of Shannon ABC.
In adhering to the European Strategy for Marine and Maritime Research this three year project will encourage capacity-building, integration and synergies across relevant marine sectors. Innovative technologies developed in the project will be demonstrated with the involvement of industry partners, and the results will be of interest not only to companies directly involved in the marine sector, but to other large scale industry players such as pharmaceutical companies with interest in added-value bioactive compounds.