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Dr Joanna Tierney awarded Technology Innovation Development Award from Science Foundation Ireland and Enterprise Ireland

Dr Joanna Tierney, based in Shannon ABC at IT Tralee has been awarded TIDA feasibility funding for a project to develop an anti-parasitic feed ingredient. The TIDA awards are directed by Science Foundation Ireland (SFI) and Enterprise Ireland (EI). The purpose of these awards is to facilitate a greater economic impact from state investment in basic research. TIDA awardees are expected to apply for more significant levels of commercialisation funding following the completion of the TIDA funded study.

This 12 month study seeks to assess the feasibility of developing an anti-parasitic immunomodulatory feed ingredient from marine bioactives. Shannon ABC have a long history with marine bioactives and Dr Tierney's project leverages from the Shannon ABC's unique extract repository bank. The commercial potential derives from escalating consumer concerns and the proposed EU ban on the use of in-feed prophylactic medication. This has placed the animal meat production industry, in particular, under pressure to pursue new feed ingredient solutions to maintain production. The project will evaluate novel immunomodulatory marine isolated bioactives on protozoan parasite infection in the context of gastrointestinal immunity. The expected outcome is a bioactive agent which demonstrates anti-parasitic activity for commercialisation.

The study also expands Shannon ABC's network of collaborative groups through the involvement of scientists from the School of Veterinary Medicine, University College Dublin.