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The evaluation of consumer products using sensory and consumer techniques has revolutionised the development process for concepts, products and brands. Dr. Tracey Larkin, Lecturer at LIT and Research Associate with Shannon ABC has spearheaded the development and training of this sensory analysis service. Dr. Larkin believes that this service will be of great importance for SMEs. 'Small and medium companies simply cannot afford to train and maintain a dedicated sensory analysis panel, our service will provide invaluable information and back-up to their product development and improvement processes'. Shannon ABC has developed Sensory and Consumer Evaluation into a highly scientific technique for market testing. This service will support new product development, product improvement, benchmarking and quality testing.

Sensory Evaluation Service

Case Study

Services offered include:

  1. Consumer Testing: The SABC Sensory Analysis Service has facilities both in Limerick Institute of Technology and in the City Centre in Limerick and thus has easy access to a wide demographic of consumers. Consumer testing provides a relatively cheap methodology to gauge the wider public's attitude/interest/preference for a particular product.
  2. Focus Groups: provide a structure to gain more insight into consumer opinion, the number of participants is less than with a Consumer Test and these groups are led by the Service Director, Dr. Tracey Larkin.
  3. Sensory Profile: The descriptive analysis is the key part to a full sensory profile and is provided by a fully trained sensory panel. Prior to each testing the panel undergoes specific focus sessions on the product area that they are about to test.

For further information please contact Service Director, Dr. Tracey Larkin (tracey.larkin[at]lit.ie)